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We supply a wide range of products such as American Ginseng, Birds Nest, Codonopsis Pilosula, Cordycep, Dendrobium Nobile, Red Date, Barbary Wolfberry and Sea Cucumber.

驊聯藥業是一家中药供应商和网上銷售公司。我们的办公室位于马来西亚槟城。本公司的服务是为客户提供最方便快速的在每个人的手机APP 里或在本公司的网站买到优质的药材和合理的价格。 我們这里拥有最廣泛和最完整的中藥产品系列如泡参,石斛,人参,北芪,党参,蟲草,燕窩,珍珠粉,枸杞,當歸,白凤丸 ,虫草泡参田七丸,优质红枣等等。 我們经常更新产品和售后服务,以便把最优质的产品和最好的服務和健康养生带给顾客。这也是我们能实现卓越性能和更高效率的關鍵。 现在就尝试我们的网购服务或联系我们吧,本公司的客服团队很乐意帮助您。

Hwa Lean Chinese Herb Trading is a Chinese medicines supplier and online marketing store which located at Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia. Our excellence service is to provide an convenient online shopping experience by offering the quick access in our websites and everyone’s mobile App. We offer the most extensive and complete series of traditional Chinese herbal products in our store, such as Gingseng, Cordyceps, Wolfberry, Bird Nest, Pearl Powder,Red Dates, Bak Foong Pills We strive towards service excellence while keep our focus more on after sales-services to get a best quality services and products. This is our mission to achieve the superior performance and greater efficiency in the long-term success of our company. Contact us and try our online shopping services now! Hwa Lean has the right solution to cater for your every requirement.

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